Steve Smallman Property Inspections, LLC

Commercial Property Inspections

We have been conducting Commercial Property Inspections and Property Condition Assessments in North Carolina since 1980. We can provide whatever level of inspection/assessment your budget permits.
Commercial Property Inspections include visual inspection of site and building improvements including:
Structural Components, including foundations, framing, crawl space and basement. Roofing and Roof Drainage. Sitework, including paving, drainage, landscaping. Building exterior. Primary electrical system. Interior plumbing system. Heating/cooling equipment. Interior improvements and installed appliances. Fire protection.
The Property Condition Assessment includes visual inspection of all of the above systems and components, plus:
Review of available public records, construction documents, and maintenance information;
Interviews with property management, maintenance personnel, and owners, as available.
Estimates of cost to correct major conditions determine by visual inspection.