This winter, you may be focused on hunkering down at home, cooking good food, and spending time with family. However, home maintenance doesn’t need to be put on hold because it is cold outside. Continue to take care of your home all year-round. Here are 5 winter home maintenance tasks that are ideal to complete at this time of year.

Prevent Pipes From Freezing

A cold snap can freeze the water inside plumbing pipes and cause problems ranging from interruption of water to burst pipes and leaks. Pay attention to the weather forecast, and when you see that the temperature will drop below freezing, turn all your faucets on a slow drip. This is will relieve the pressure inside the pipes in case the water inside does freeze, preventing bursting. Go further by insulating pipes that are exposed to the exterior with foam pipe insulation. Prevent under-sink piping from freezing by opening the cabinet doors so that the warmth from indoors reaches the pipes.

Flush and Insulate the Water Heater Tank

It’s more important to have hot water in the winter than in the summer. Help your water heater function efficiently by flushing out the sediment. You can hire a plumber to complete this maintenance task or complete it yourself. While you are working on the water heater, wrap it in an insulative blanket to help it maintain its heat while using less energy.

Winter Home Maintenance to Prepare for Winter Storms

A snow or ice storm can develop quickly and come as a surprise. Stock up on the supplies you might need for this event, even if there isn’t a storm in the forecast. These include ice melt, a shovel, and supplies for a power outage. If a winter storm is approaching, sprinkle your walkways, sidewalks, and driveway with ice melt to prepare for it and put fresh batteries in your flashlights.

Change the HVAC Filter

When preparing for winter you may have had your heater serviced, which included a filter change. However, many manufacturers recommend changing the filter every 3 months, so it might be time to change it again. Change the HVAC or furnace filter to improve the system’s efficiency and your home’s air quality.

Add Outdoor Lights for Winter Home Maintenance

Winter nights are long and dark. The sun goes down so early that it might be pitch-black out by the time you get home from work. Make your property safer during winter by installing extra exterior lights. These could be motion-sensor lights that go on when someone pulls into the driveway or solar-powered stake lights that line the pathways. However, keep in mind that solar lights don’t work as well in the winter because they see less sunlight.

Winter is the time to stay inside and relax, but don’t forget about taking care of some basic home maintenance. You’ll be more comfortable in your home and prevent hiccups by completing the above tasks.

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