As the summer comes to an end and fall arrives, your home will require some maintenance. With changing seasons and lower temperatures approaching, there are steps you can take to prepare for cooler weather.

Prepare Your Home for Cooler Weather by Cleaning the Gutters

Fall is a great time to clean the gutters on your home. Guttering allows the flow of water off the roof and away from the house. Remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from your gutters. You’ll need a ladder, gloves, a bucket or tarp to catch the debris, and the garden hose. Have a friend or family member hold the ladder while you work. If gutter cleaning isn’t a job you want to tackle, hire a company to complete this task.

Caulk Holes and Cracks

Holes and cracks in your home result in heat loss, which increases your energy use during cooler weather. Seal these areas to boost energy efficiency. Determine where cracks and holes are by shining a flashlight around the windows and doors at night. Have someone outside look for light coming through around the edges. Fall is also a great time to replace the weatherstripping on your doors, windows, and the garage door.

Stock Up On Supplies to Prepare for Cooler Weather

Stock up on supplies to stay warm during the fall and winter seasons. Purchase seasoned firewood for the fireplace. Emergency kits should be restocked for the home and for each vehicle. If you own a leaf blower, have it serviced and purchase fuel. Add extra blankets in the living room and put thicker comforters on the beds to create a more comfortable interior as the temperatures drop.

Inspect the HVAC System

Hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection of your HVAC system. The technician will perform a tune-up, which includes cleaning the parts. Replacing the filter will improve the airflow and prevent the HVAC system from working harder than necessary. A tuned-up HVAC is more efficient and is less likely to malfunction on a cold night.

Preparing for cooler weather makes your house more comfortable and functional. You’ll also save money on utility bills this winter.

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