Plumbing problems can range from minor issues that are easy to fix to costly disasters, and it’s hard to know the difference if you’re not a trained plumber. Pay attention to signs that you have a plumbing problem at home to prevent further damage. 

Faulty Plumbing Could Damage Your Home

Identify plumbing problems before they escalate. Plumbing emergencies are expensive and often unsanitary. By dealing with small issues with your plumbing system immediately, you can avoid an expensive bill and water damage. 

Discolored Pipes Can Mean a Plumbing Problem at Home

Discoloration on pipes underneath the sink or in the basement is a sign of moisture. This means that the pipe is leaking or that there is condensation, usually caused by something serious like slow dripping in the supply line. It should be checked out by a professional to determine if it is a simple fix or a bigger problem. 

Off-Color Tap Water

If the water coming out of the faucet is not clear, that is a sign of a problem. Brown or yellow water often comes from rust in the pipes. If your municipality hasn’t warned of off-color water, this means you have a plumbing problem at home. 

Increased Water Bills

A spike in your water bills isn’t just a financial burden, it is also usually an indication that there is a plumbing problem at home. If none of your recent activities account for an increase in water usage, then you should suspect a water leak. 

Sewer Odor

Each drain needs a trap and there is a vent for every trap. The traps and drains are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering into your home. If there is a sewer odor in your home, the trap and vent aren’t working properly.

The trap may be dry or there may be a crack in the vent line. A dry trap can easily be fixed by refilling it with water. You may want to have a professional examine the trap for signs of leaks. Vents are often enclosed in walls, so establishing which vent is cracked may prove difficult without help.

Slow Water Flow in Multiple Locations in Your Home

If the water pressure is slow in several places in your house, this is an indication that there are plumbing problems at home. If the problem is only in one location, then it may just be an issue with the faucet aerator which is easily fixed. If there is low water pressure throughout the home, this is a more serious concern and could be a leak in the system.

These are some of the most common signs that you may have plumbing problems at home. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, establish whether you can fix it by yourself or seek professional help before it becomes a major problem.

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