You might wonder why you would need to get a home inspection on new construction. After all, it’s a new building. Why would a new house need to get inspected? Don’t fall for this line of thinking. It’s easy to get excited about your new home as you see it coming together. This doesn’t mean it is perfect. It’s important to have your own home inspector come in and make sure that the builder and all subcontractors have done their jobs correctly.

There are opportunities for mistakes to be made during all phases of construction. It’s a good idea to have the home inspected during each phase while the inspector can still inspect areas that will soon be inaccessible.

Even if the home is almost completed when you decide to purchase, it’s still vital to bring in an inspector to work on your behalf. Let’s take a look at why you need to get a home inspection on new construction.

It’s Easy to Make Mistakes with New Construction

There are mistakes that might happen when building a new home. It’s a complex process because there are many subcontractors working on various systems. Each of these subcontractors does their specific jobs separate from the work done by other subcontractors.

The builder can’t always keep up with all the activities and subcontractors in a way that guarantees all work is done perfectly and professionally. They might miss important problems like:

  • Missing siding
  • HVAC units with unattached ducts
  • Broken roof trusses
  • Raised roof shingles
  • Missing insulation

Municipal Inspections are Not a Substitute for a Home Inspection on New Construction

It’s important to understand that home inspections are different from municipal building inspections. A municipal inspector is there to make sure that building codes have been met. Building codes are the most minimum standards that a builder needs to adhere to. It’s best to bring in your own home inspector that will inspect more than what a municipal code inspection requires. 

 A Home Inspection on New Construction Can Make Your Life Easier

Getting a home inspection on new construction prevents you from having to deal with the inconveniences that come with repair work once you’re in the home. Your inspection will identify issues that need to be fixed before you move in. This means that the work is completed before you start living there. 

Keep Your Family Safe

Some issues that need to be repaired relate to safety. This might include a previously undetected gas leak or a deck that is not structurally sound. You’ll want to have safety issues fixed before you move in. 

Benefit When You Sell

You might sell your home someday and the buyer’s inspection may find issues that date back to your original construction. You now will be responsible for those repairs. If you had completed a home inspection on new construction at the start, then the original builder would have been responsible for the repairs.

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