Steve Smallman Property Inspections, LLC

Home Inspections

We have extensive experience with all types of inspections, from condos to estates, from new construction to very old homes (in fact inspection of historic homes is one of our specialties).

Why choose SSPI for your home inspection:
First, no one can match our experience. We were the first home inspectors in the Triangle (in 1980) and have provided leadership to the industry since then. When NC established licensing for home inspectors, then-Governor Jim Hunt appointed Steve Smallman to the Home Inspector Licensure Board, and Steve helped develop the Board’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, and chaired the Board for two years. As a group our inspectors now have more than 70 years and 25,000 inspections experience right here in the Triangle.
Second, we are #1 (the oldest and largest inspection firm in the Triangle) but we still try harder! We welcome you to attend the inspection and learn about your next home from our inspector. We guarantee that we will meet the Standards of Practice in conducting your inspection, but we also go the extra mile and in most cases exceed the Standards in numerous ways.
Third, we believe we provide the best value in home inspections, from the knowledge and experience of our team to the quality of our inspection reports and the follow-up should you have questions. We are not the cheapest home inspectors in the area (there’s always someone new to the business to offer discount fees) but we do offer the best value and our fees are competitive with other experienced inspectors.
Why home buyer’s need a comprehensive inspection:
A professional home inspection performed to state and industry standards is far more than a walk-through and a checklist! Our inspectors spend (on a typical inspection) several hours going through the entire house, from roof to basement or crawl space. We welcome you to join us at the inspection. At the end of the inspection we will provide you an immediate verbal summary, but of course you get a professional report with digital photos (see Sample Reports). The systems and components inspected are determined by the NC Home Inspection Licensure Board and include the following major categories:

  • Structural Components (including foundation, framing, crawl space and/or basement).
  • Roof Systems (including roofing materials, flashings, roof drainage).
  • Major exterior components, including siding and trim, doors and windows, decks and porches, driveways and walkways, grading and drainage.
  • Major interior components, including walls, floors, ceilings, attic, etc.
  • High voltage electrical system.
  • Interior plumbing system (wells and septic systems not included).
  • Central heating and air conditioning.
  • Most major kitchen appliances.
  • Insulation and ventilation.

[See NC Standards of Practice for specifics, exclusions, and limitations]